iPark Access Plans

iPark 'Individual' Our lowest Parking plan allows one profile and is designed for the individual end user. Monthly access from $14.95, which includes $10 parking credit.*
iPark 'Small Business' This parking plan allows you to have up to 5 profiles and is for businesses that need multiple user access. Monthly access from $19.95, which includes $10 parking credit.*
iPark 'Corporate' The Corporate Plan allows you to have up to 12 profiles on the iPark Server. Perfect for large businesses that require extended user access. Monthly access from $24.95, which includes $10 parking credit.*
iPark 'Corporate Plus' Corporate Plus is tailored your requirements, for buisnesses that require 12 and above profiles. Perfect for large corporate applications. Pricing available on application $call
iPark 'Block Plan' Ideal for the casual user. $12.95 per Block Plan, which includes $8.00 parking credit. Parking fees are $0.15 per megabyte. A $0.20 flagfall appplies to each upload. This plan is valid to use within 6 months.

* A once off establishment fee of $69.95 applies to Individual, Block and Small Buisness plans.
* Corporate & Corporate Plus extablishment fees T.B.A.
* Parking fees are $0.10 per megabyte and part thereof, up to a maximum of $4.00, and are charged only on a successful file upload. A $0.20 flagfall applies to each upload.
* Included monthly credit cannot be rolled over and is applied to the primary parking space only. Excess data parked beyond your available credit, will be included in the following month bill.
* Maximum file size parked is 100MB.
* Files can be parked, for a maximum of 30 days after which they will be automatically deleted.
* Monthly access fees will be debited from your selected credit card at the beginning of each month with all monthly access plans billed in advance.
* Monthly invoices will be emailed to your specified billing email address.
Terms and conditions apply. Prices include GST and are subject to change at any time without notice.