About iPark solutions

Saves your time You no longer need to copy files to CD or floppy disk when needing to transport them - all the transferring is done from your PC using your internet connection. No more wasting time running around obtaining files.
Easy to use iPark’s user interface is simple and straight forward, its intuitive design means minimal training for you and your clients. Simply point and click! No need to install special programs.
Fast Thanks to iPark’s high speed Internet connection you will be able to park and collect files at the maximum speed of your Internet connection.
Accessible You can access the iPark site from any Internet connection. This means you can access client files from the office, from home or even on the road!
Secure iPark uses the highest Internet encryption available (128 bit). This ensures no one but you and your client can access your client’s files. Our system is over 100 times more secure than transferring files via email. Attachments sent via email can become corrupted, 'lost', or delivered to the wrong recipient. Large attachments can also be blocked or deleted by spam software.
Email notification Once a file has been ‘parked’ an automated email is sent to the intended recipient informing them to log into the iPark site to access the file.